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Kim is extremely knowledgeable. She not only goes above and beyond in helping you prepare for the bar exam, but she really cares that you pass and guides you every step of the way. I personally never really understood real property and civil procedure when I took these two classes in law school, and I consistently had the lowest MBE percentage on those two subjects. Kim tremendously helped me with fundamentally understanding these subjects and because of her help, I not only mastered both subjects, but quickly noticed a HUGE jump in my overall performance. As a result of her teachings and tactics, real property and civil procedure questions became EASY to tackle. Kim directly tells you HOW to get a 75+ score on an essay—and she does this in her own unique way that makes so much sense. The approaches she provided me were right on point and were exactly what I needed to learn to pass any essay that came my way. After my sessions with Kim, I did graded essays with Themis and was able to score 75’s on my essays for both real property and civil procedure. In summary, Kim is just great, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to pass the CA bar exam. Thanks to her, I passed the February 2021 CA bar exam on my first attempt.

Kim is an excellent tutor and she was an extraordinary help with preparing me for the bar exam. Her personal encouragement and training regiment is a winning strategy for anyone wanting help passing the California Bar Exam.

At first, I didn’t know whether to trust Kim or her review program because I thought that this was just another scam or another bar company just trying to get my money. With so many bar prep companies out there, you really just don’t know who to trust. Let me just say, if you’re having doubts or are questioning working with Kim, you can stop all that now. She is just brilliant. I don’t know how the heck she knows what she knows or how the heck she came up with this program, but all I know is that there is nothing and no one who can teach you how to pass the bar exam like Kim can! I promise you that if you work with her and just have one session with her, you will know exactly what I mean and you will thank yourself for making the right choice. If you’re looking to pass the bar and want to stop spending thousands and thousands of dollars on other bar prep companies just to fail and retake them again, choose barpreptactics. It is the only thing and the only way to be sure you’re going to pass the bar. Trust it!

Barpreptactics is seriously the best thing that has happened to me. I was scoring so low on the MBE’s and had already failed the bar three times…and then I was told about barpreptactics and introduced to Kim through one of her former students who was a foreign attorney and who passed the bar after working with her. She not only has the BEST outlines…BEST…. but she walks you through it and then teaches you how to properly answer and approach an MBE question. I had no idea that there really is a way to get to the right answer if it wasnt for Kim. My MBE score increased like crazy after Kim showed me almost what felt like a secret way to do better. Her program is so effective that it almost feels like it shouldn’t be this easy!!! Thank you Kim for helping me when I was at my lowest and about to give up. You and your program are the best thing that has happened to me.

Kim’s barpreptactics approach has helped me more than any bar prep review course I ever tried (3 including Barbri, PMBR and an independent tutor). After having to take the bar 20 years out of school I was lost. Kim was a gift at a time I was lost. Also, this was during Covid and the lock down which made studying exponentially more difficult. If I did not have Kim’s instruction I would NEVER have known how, what, or why to write as well as I did. The bar exam Kim prepped me for was the most prepared I had ever been for any test, bar exam, or otherwise that I had taken in the past.

If you’re a student signed up to take the bar exam and are looking for CONCISE and just extremely well written outlines that are like 7-10 pages long for the bar exam essays, BARPREPTACTICS is the way to go! I am not kidding, I have never had or ever seen any outlines like these before… they have every rule (and the only rules) you need to pass the essays. & If you choose to work on or learn MBEs with barpreptactics, you will not be disappointed. They have specifically tailored outlines JUST for the MBE portion of the exam, covering all the small, nuanced rules you don’t just learn from your regular commercial bar prep, 101 page outline.

Seriously, thank you Kim. Thank you for creatively crafting a beautiful approach to bar prep that actually works if you work it.

Barpreptactics is completely different from any bar prep course you can even think of. i cant begin to explain how helpful the outlines and the structure of this program helped me for the ca bar exam. I truly would recommend working with tutor Kim as she seriously just tells you what you have to do to pass the bar. All the other bar prep companies you pay like thousands of dollars and they wont even take the time to tell you how to pass the bar. They just give you tons of commercial outlines that are like 500 pages long… like no wonder all these students fail the exam. Barpreptactics is seriously the best thing that has happened to me. I would suggest and recommend anyone planning on taking the bar to contact them ASAP. Don’t make the mistake. Tutor Kim is your best resource she doesn’t play games and she will straight up tell you how to pass the CA bar.

THANK YOU KIM! I have no doubt I will be an attorney. YOURE THE BEST!

Excellent Tutor, Kim teaches everything you know to pass. I would recommend her to anyone taking the bar exam!

I have taken so many prep courses for the CA bar. I have spent thousands on dfferent well known courses and none of them worked. I didnt know what to do with all the books and stuff they would give out and it was just honestly super overwhelming. A girl I know who worked with Kim told me about her and how she literally saves you so much time because she just tells you how it is. And it’s true, Kim tells you how to pass the bar straight up. No games, no wasting time. Her material is the only thing you need. She has this approach to it that seriously I don’t know how the hell she created it. All I know is that it actually works. The way she teaches the law is not like law school where it’s theory based. She just tells you what it is, how it is applied, and tells you what to watch out for so you go into the exam knowing what to expect. Unbelievable– I really think that anybody…..literally anybody signed up to take the bar would pass if they worked with her. #1 best instructor who actually cares about you passing. My friend told me that when she passed the bar (and she worked w Kim), that Kim cried tears of joy. I believe it. She makes learning fun and she genuinely cares for her students. DONT THINK TWICE OR DOUBT THAT THIS DAMN PROGRAM WORKS BECAUSE…. IT WORKS. #1 #1 #1!!!!! WANNA BE A LAWYER THEN YOUVE FOUND THE BEST RESOURCE!
Thank you Kim, you truly are so special.

This is my second time taking the bar exam and I am so thankful for Kim’s lessons. Going in the first time I truly did not understand the material very well. I took another bar prep company that had a high pass rate, but I really felt like the lessons were not as helpful to me in understanding the material. Kim really broke everything down for me and what I loved is that she gave me the tips I needed in answering specific questions. She really has a lot of experience with the material and has a great strategy for each subject. She gets straight to the point and does not waste your time. I highly recommend her services to anyone thinking of taking the bar exam.

Kim provided a method that no other bar prep course I know of has when it came to the essays. I felt like I was able to issue spot after just one session with her.

Before I found this program I was freaking out for the bar exam. I was in Themis and I felt like it wasn’t doing anything for me. 1 month before the bar I felt like I still didn’t know anything. Then I found this program. Every day felt like I was learning so much. Not only was I learning the material but I was also understanding how to apply it because of the easy and simplified methods taught in this course. I truly believe that if it wasn’t for this course I would not have passed the CA bar exam on my first try. It is different than any other bar prep review course out there and way more affordable. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to pass the bar first try.

I was grateful to find Kim. My son is tremendously gifted but utilizes avoidance as his coping mechanism for big exams. Kim’s sessions encouraged my son to review the material in a non-threatening atmosphere, to learn fresh approaches to writing the essays and to have the confidence to tackle the task. What really sets Kim apart is that I know she truly cares. She is invested in her student’s success. This is truly priceless.

Kim was useful for the bar prep process for various reasons. First, she possessed a kind, encouraging, but motivating approach that emphasized the amount of work that you need to do to succeed, while adjusting to my unique learning style. Second, in terms of adjustments, she makes sure that she is aware of your goals, weaknesses, and what topics are tested most frequently in order to prevent an organized game plan. Lastly, while she has various other positive aspects, I appreciated her accommodating my schedule; being willing to review my essays; going over essays at whatever speed i requested; and having reasonable prices. I highly recommend Kim.