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Our Founding Principles2

Kim Davoodi

Founder & Principal Attorney

Before successfully passing the California Bar Exam with BarPrepTactics Secret Approach, Kim – Founder & Principal Instructor – personally encountered numerous setbacks and limitations while preparing for the exam with two well-recognized bar preparation courses.  Despite her best efforts to tackle the extensive study materials and detailed subject outlines of the courses provided to her, Kim found herself needing to incorporate and utilize supplementary resources and an innovative studying method to effectively and successfully prepare her for the exam. 

Kim also found it ironic that despite the course’s abundance of study materials and emphasis on competently preparing students for the test– the instructors confidently advocated for their student-applicants to settle for a bare minimum passing score of 65 on their essays, and “at least” in the low 60s on the MBEs. “This flawed and misguided approach severely hampers students’ performance and understanding of minimal competency standards, making it even more challenging to pass the already difficult exam.”

Despite the review course’s extensive amount of study materials and teachings, it was one instructor’s clearly flawed and misguided teachings about the bar exam that stood out to Kim as particularly and extremely troublesome– “that there is no such thing as issue-spotting on the bar exam,” and that “scoring high on the MBE section is all that is needed to pass.” 

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“This kind of flawed and risky teaching is not only extremely disadvantageous and detrimental as it can lead to poor performance on the exam, but it also leads to a deep misunderstanding of what exactly the Bar Examiners look for when assessing minimal competency standards.” Consequently, Kim felt that as a result of applying such a flawed approach to the test, student-applicants’ chances of passing were extremely reduced, even though such review courses supposedly aimed to “prepare” their students for the exam. “Passing the bar exam starts with you and begins with confidence– having confidence in a strong foundation and strategic game-plan to tackle anything that shows up on test day. This means walking into the exam with a clear understanding of the Bar Examiners’ expectations as to what they’re actually looking for and expecting from you, thoroughly understanding and mastering the testing format, and consistently applying a calculated and systematic approach to the test.”


Over the years, Kim has taught BarPrepTactic’s Secret Approach to many applicants, including recent and former graduates from in-and out-of-state law schools, foreign educated and licensed attorneys, multiple repeat takers, first time bar takers, and also students with learning disabilities —successfully preparing them to pass the California Bar Exam. Her first two students were both first-time bar exam takers with English as their second language, Farsi being their first. In the 11 weeks they spent together, not only did Kim teach them the substantive law for every tested-subject on the exam, but she also taught BarPrepTactic’s Secret Approach exclusively and entirely in Farsi. Both passed the California Bar Exam on their first try.


“I walked into and out of the bar exam knowing that I passed. Trust in BarPrepTactics, and You Can Too”


To Pass the California Bar Exam, An Applicant Must…

  • Have a Strong Desire, Foundation, and Willingness To Succeed;
  • Thoroughly Understand All Exam-Tested Subjects and Rules, as Well as Their Application on The Exam;
  • Trust And Have Confidence in a Structured and Systematic Approach;
  • Aim to Rise Above Minimal Expectations


Widely recognized as the most difficult exam administered in the United States, the California Bar Exam requires applicants to possess a wide range of legal knowledge and skills in order to succeed.


To pass the exam, applicants must be knowledgeable in a wide range of legal areas, and must be able to apply this knowledge to various hypothetical scenarios in a way that demonstrates their understanding of legal principles and their ability to think critically and creatively. The exam also requires applicants to demonstrate strong analytical and reasoning abilities, effective writing skills, and the ability to manage time effectively and perform under the pressure of time constraints.


At BarPrepTactics, we believe that while the minimal competency standard is intended to evaluate an applicant’s basic level of legal knowledge and skill–it is not without flaws. When looking at the extensive subject matter tested in addition to its notably low passing rates, with only a small percentage of applicants passing each year, it’s clear that a significant change in exam preparation strategies and methods is needed. This is why BarPrepTactics–a game-changing alternative and Secret Approach was precisely founded–to address the shortcomings of traditional study methods and deliver results.


By offering a more powerful and direct approach to passing the bar exam, aspiring lawyers are now able to shortcut their preparation and time studying for the test, all while better equipping themselves for the exam.


BarPrepTactics’ approach to bar exam preparation is all about maximizing our student-applicants’ chances of success on the California Bar Exam. We believe that settling and aiming for the bare minimum on the California Bar Exam is not enough to achieve true success, which is why we prioritize teaching our students the necessary skills they need to rise above and do better. By prioritizing excellence over minimal competency, our students are naturally in a better position to pass the bar exam and achieve their dreams of becoming California licensed attorneys.