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Rise Above With BarPrepTactic’s Writing & MBE Basics

Each individual tutoring session is structured With each individual tutoring session pre-structured and pre-designed for that specific subject reviewed.

BarPrepTactics Essay-Writing Basics

The writing section of the California Bar Exam consists of five one-hour essays and one 90-minute performance test. This portion of the exam tests an applicant’s ability to analyze legal issues, apply the law to facts, and communicate effectively in writing, and accounts for 50% of an applicant’s total score.

Substantive Law Review: Essay Subjects

The California Bar Exam encompasses a broad range of legal knowledge, making it difficult for applicants to know where to focus their studying efforts. The essay portion of the exam is often the most onerous for applicants who struggle to identify what issues and rules to prioritize

Rather than spending countless hours sifting through an extensive and overwhelming amount of study materials for the California Bar Exam, let BarPrepTactics simplify your preparation process. Our comprehensive course is specifically designed to concentrate on the sections that are most likely to be tested on the essay portion of the exam, eliminating any confusion or frustration.

Secret Approach to ssay Deconstruction

While most bar exam preparation review courses generally cover the bar-tested rules one way or another, few provide applicants with effective techniques or strategies for identifying when and how these rules will be tested, being one of the many reasons applicants fail the writing portion of the exam— or the bar exam altogether.

BarPrepTactics utilizes a highly strategic and Secret Approach to every possible tested subject on the essay portion of the exam. With a calculated technique to address any topic or area of any possibly-tested subject, BarPrepTactics provides applicants with the boundless possibilities for successfully tackling any essay question on test day.

With writing expert and instructor Kim as your exclusive guide, applicants will learn the step by step approach to effective essay writing that has proven successful time and time again. Kim will teach you the proper way to read an essay question, how to identify and pinpoint the pertinent key issues in the tested areas, how to address and analyze both the relevant and non-relevant issues under specific time constraints, how to carefully apply the uniquely crafted rule statements, and how to properly organize and structure your answer to any essay or call of the question(s).

Targeted Writing; Purposeful Practice

Common mistakes that applicants make in the writing section of the California Bar Exam include failing to fully analyze the legal issues presented in the hypothetical, failing to apply the relevant law to the facts, and failing to organize their responses effectively, and failing to take into account what exactly the Bar Examiners’ are looking for.

After learning our Secret Approach to each testable subject on the writing portion of the exam, you will be instructed to write and submit specific bar exam essays for grading and assessment purposes. Our feedback is thorough and comprehensive, with the intention of providing applicants with a precise understanding of where they lost points, what they did wrong, and how to improve their performance on the writing portion of the exam. BarPrepTactics has high grading standards that go beyond and rise above the Bar Grader’s expectations.

1-on-1 Instruction; 1-on-1 Review

When reviewing your written essay submissions, Kim will undertake a thorough examination of the Bar Grader’s analysis to assess your overall performance in essay practice. In doing so, she provides you with real-time, personalized feedback, and detailed instruction on areas for improvement. This includes offering1-on-1 coaching using our specific tactics and strategies to help students successfully overcome any performance issues such as common issues related to timing, proper writing format and structure, correct application of the rules to the facts, and teaching you exactly how to responsively approach the call of the question(s).

BarPrepTactics MBE Basics

The multiple-choice section, also known as the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), consists of 200 multiple-choice questions that test an applicant’s knowledge of legal concepts and rules across seven areas and subjects of law: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts. The MBE portion of the exam accounts for 50% of an applicant’s total score.

Substantive Law Review: MBEs

Secret Approach: MBE Breakdown

MBE Practice; 1-on-1