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1-On-1 Instruction

BarPrepTactics' 1-on-1 bar preparation review course has been uniquely designed and structured to help our students maximize their chances of passing the California bar exam in the most effective and direct way possible.

With personalized expert guidance and tailored instruction at every stage of their exam preparation, our students gain an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of the exam content and all of the exam-tested material, develop innovative and exclusive exam-taking strategies, and are fully equipped with the confidence needed to pass the bar exam with ease.

Learn Whenever; Wherever

All of BarPrepTactics' 1-on-1 review sessions are conducted live and online, and are exclusively taught by California licensed attorney and founder of BarPrepTactics', Kim Davoodi.

Access to Your Instructor

As a mentor and friend who takes a genuine interest in her students' success, Kim remains available and attentive to her students' individual needs and concerns throughout the rigorous exam preparation process, providing invaluable coaching, endless support, and guidance every step of the way.

Real-Time; 1-On-1 Feedback

Our comprehensive 1-on-1 bar preparation course is inherently designed so that each student receives undivided attention, unwavering support, and real-time instant feedback on their progress and performance from the very start of enrollment to finish.

Our 1-On-1 BarPrep Course Packages

1-on-1 Course

Platinum Plan

Personalized Prep

1-on-1 Course

Gold Plan

Personalized Prep

1-on-1 Course

Silver Plan

Personalized Prep

Time is of The Essence When It Comes to The Bar Exam. 

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