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BarPrep TacticsDiscover the shortcut and calculated approach to your success on the most difficult bar exam in the country by learning and applying BarPrepTactics direct, simple, and innovative essay writing approach. Practice really does make perfect.

We believe in being assertive about passing the bar exam which is why we provide you with all the resources and tactics you need. Our method is designed to train students how to effectively pass the essay portion of the exam by offering a unique and methodical approach, unlike the bigname commercial bar prep companies. We all know that most bar prep companies and services offer unwieldy approaches to proper essay writing (if any at all), limited and unhelpful feedback, and place emphasis on merely shooting for a “passing” essay score of 65. 

At BarPrepTactics, we provide personally tailored structure and guidance to proper essay writing in the form of 1-on-1 tutoring and/or in small group sessions, so you can hit well above a passing score on any essay the bar throws you on game day. The tutoring sessions are customized to your individual needs, and are tactically designed to teach you the writing style and format for which bar examiners are looking for when grading your essays. 

With our experienced instructor guiding your progress every step of the way, you can and you will achieve the security and confidence to help you claim your success in passing the California bar exam with ease. 

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